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Massage Therapy and Cryotherapy

 There are many reasons why LaVida Massage of Washington Twp, Mi has jumped into the first rank of day spas. One of the more salient of these is that its management has always thoroughly investigated all new developments in the emerging science...

More Massage Therapy Specialties

There has been much discussion of the flexibility of massage therapy in the framework of today’s holistic model for wellness promotion. Indeed, the possibilities are as unlimited as the resourcefulness of practitioners and the venturesome...

Chocolate Swirl Bread and You

It was their favorite dessert ever since her granddaughter was four years old. It was easy to make, hard to resist and always presented a cozy treat whether it came during a meal, afterwards as dessert or anytime just to tide someone over until...

Aromatherapy is Mind and Mood Boosting!

            It might be very hard to believe but it turns out that the hippies of San Francisco fame from the sixties were actually onto something of flower essences, the underlying philosophy...
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