How Can Massage Therapy Help Sciatica?

Sciatica pain affects a large number of people every year and in some case, can be debilitating. This pain can cause difficulty in doing simple daily activities such as walking or sitting down and getting up from a chair. The most common cause of sciatica pain, which usually affects the lower back and legs, is a large nerve that runs down the back, into the buttock area and then down into the hip area, and gets "compressed" or pinched.

Massage therapy can offer great relief for sciatica pain, and if the massage therapy sessions are regularly maintained, can keep sciatica pain at bay once resolved. There are different types of massage therapies that can help relieve this pain.

General Massage
A general massage focused on the lower back, buttocks, and hips can help to reduce tightened muscles and relax those muscles surrounding this nerve which will lessen the compression. Several sessions of massage are recommended to focus on loosening these muscles back to a relaxed state.

Trigger Point Therapy
Many times, pain from sciatica may be felt in the lower back or lower legs but actually be attributed to a spot that is located in the buttock or hip. By performing trigger point therapy or pinpointed pressure, a therapist can focus on the trigger point at each massage session to relieve the pain that it being branched out into other areas of the body. 

Deep Tissue Massage
If the muscles are extremely tightened, deep tissue massage is a type of massage that uses deep pressure and stroking movements to work out "knots" in the muscles.

Massage therapy is an excellent alternative to relieve and eventually rid of sciatica pain with a commitment to use continuous sessions of therapy until the pain is gone. Massage can help relieve stress and anxiety as well, which also promotes all over body health.

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