How Massage Can Help Improve Posture

Poor posture is a common trait shared by people of all ages and walks of life. It can be caused by a number of factors to include obesity, spinal pain, restricted mobility, poor work conditions and simply bad posture habits. Left uncorrected, poor posture can lead to more serious problems with muscle tightness and strain.

Massage therapy can help reduce muscle tightness and pain so you can stand straight and tall again. The following types of massage can be helpful in improving your posture.

Deep Tissue Massage

Like the name implies, deep tissue massage reaches into the deep layers of your skin to alleviate stiffness in joints and muscles. Stiff back muscles can cause pain and discomfort when trying to sit or stand up straight. As a result, you may find yourself hunching over to avoid stabbing pain. Deep tissue massage loosens muscle rigidity so you can move more freely. You’ll find it easier to sit, stand and walk with better posture due to reduced restrictions and pain.

Swedish Massage

Stress and pressure can cause neck and spinal muscles to become tense and rigid, producing bouts of pain when you try to stretch or flex your back. Swedish massage helps relieve stress and tension by helping you to relax. Relaxation is key to reducing muscle soreness and rigidity, so you can enjoy greater flexibility in your neck, shoulders and back. As pain subsides, good posture can be restored.

Sports Massage

If you’re an avid sports player, chances are you’ve felt the pain and discomfort of an injury at some point in time. Neck, shoulder or back injuries can affect your posture by reducing range of motion. Sports massage can stimulate blood circulation and improve flexibility for quicker recovery from sports injuries. Regular massage treatments before games can increase muscle elasticity to reduce the risk of muscle injury in rough games.

With the help of massage therapy, good posture can be restored without feeling discomfort or pain. 

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