Massage Therapy and Cryotherapy

 There are many reasons why LaVida Massage of Washington Twp, Mi has jumped into the first rank of day spas. One of the more salient of these is that its management has always thoroughly investigated all new developments in the emerging science of holistic physical therapy and to the extent possible, has done its utmost to bring it to the attention of its clientele and within the purview of the professional therapists on its staff. This has been especially true in the growing field of massage therapy, a philosophy that takes on added significance given the constant pace of advances in this practice and the many variations each of which brings specific benefits to its users. Such is the case with the technique of cryotherapy, a high-tech development with an excellent record of proven benefits.

            While massage therapy has enjoyed a spurt of tremendous growth in popularity in the last decade and, because of the intense and comprehensive training, LaVida Massage of Washington, Mi insists that all its practitioners have has found a varied and widespread area of applicability. There are numerous situations that can arise in which the choices of an appropriate technique become more constrained and the deliberate expertise of the therapist must be carefully applied. Such is the case where the patron exhibits inflammation or has swelling from a recent injury, situations in which cryotherapy may be a preferred concomitant to the patron’s treatment regimen.

            In most cases, this cooling of freezing effect is achieved with one of the many gels especially formulated for this purpose. It is most important that the right product is used in just the right amount and in just the right manner so that the therapist can control the icing effect without freezing or irritating the client. This remarkable gel will also soothe the area of any reinjured ailment, so that any chronic or throbbing pain is eliminated. There are any number of techniques that are a good fit for this avante garde procedure, notably the reflexology methods which focus on direct treatment of bounded areas or deep tissue massage which seeks to bring direct relief and restored mobility to particular affected limbs or muscles. Many of the more athletically inclined patrons also favor a session of cryotherapy after a rigorous workout or stressful event, as it is a perfect way to calm down overworked muscles. The many treatment options made possible by emerging technologies in the field of physical therapy is what makes your day spa the center of rehabilitation and wellness promotion.

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